About BMB

The BEST Medicine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (BMB) was officially founded in 1994.

The main marketing paths were medical centers, area & district hospitals, clinics and drugstores. At beginning, BMB is a distributor of Generic pharmacy manufacturers. After 2000, BMB started to distribute products of foreign manufacturers such as Boerhinger, Norvartis (Serviphone), 3M, Otsuka, and other companies who are mainly specialized in Pediatric, Respiratory and Cardiovascular. And now, BMB has become a Biotechnology company with self-development capability. Our goal is, according to the market's needs, to conduct the new dosage form, new formulation, new indication and high-technology development.

Transited from sales agents to a branded enterprise, our efforts not only make our products obtain great achievement in pharmaceutical industry, but also satisfy the needs of market and customers.