Q: Does the sore throat anti-inflammatory spray from your company have flavors that are suitable for children?

A:Yes, there are mint and apple flavors, which are popular with children.

Q:How many times can COMFFLAM be used in a day

A:COMFFLAM can be used every 1.5–3 hours if necessary. COMFFLAM should not be used continuously for more than 7 days.

Q: Is it necessary to dissolve the NuDrink with exact 120 ml of water?

A:When preparing NuDrink, the amount of cold (lukewarm) water that should be added need not be very accurate and the concentration prepared with a volume of 120ml is just right. Volumes that exceed or are less than 120ml will decrease the absorption efficiency, but the impact is not significant.

Q: Can NuDrink be added to milk for drinking?

A:NuDrink cannot be added to fruit juice or milk as this will change the concentration of salt and glucose and influence its effects.

Q: Can NuDrink be taken long-term? How many pills can be taken in a day?

A: It is safe to take NuDrink long-term. However, for the purposes of treatment, the amount to be administered depends on how much the patient can tolerate, and the use must comply with the instructions by the patient's physician or pharmacist.

Q: What is the time and dose for taking Bonjour?

A: The Bonjour dose is up to two pills per day. No additional benefits are gained by taking more.

Q: In the market, there are many similar health supplements. How do we select the most beneficial and safe legal products for ourselves?

A: The market is full of many unidentified drugs known as "ghost drugs", which are mainly products that are revoked by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and that merchants are prohibited from selling. However, some manufacturers still sell them by changing the names and packaging. Therefore, regardless of drugs or health supplements, we should always pay attention to the labels on their packaging before purchasing. The label should include the following:
1. Name and address of manufacturer
2. Product name and approval number
3. Manufacture date or batch number
4. Main ingredient content, administration method and dose
5. Expiration date or shelf life
6. For health supplements, the packaging should have the "nutrient facts label" where the amount of each type of nutrient is labeled so that people with different needs can choose appropriately.

Q: Can we directly purchase the product from your company?

A: Our company does not directly sell our products to consumers. Please inquire with a clinic or pharmacy close to you for purchase.

Q: I have previously purchased your products from a clinic but now it is no longer sold there. Can you tell me where can I buy your products?

A: Please contact our customer service hotline at 0800-680680 or email us at best.comp@msa.hinet.net. We will gladly assist you.